Friday, 27 November 2015

Representation of age in TV drama: age 50 - 60

Stereotypical ideas about people aged 50 - 60

  • Stubborn
  • Rude/offensive
  • racist
  • stuck in their ways 
  • "Back in my day"
  • refuse to believe the world has changed 
  • think they're still young and can still mix with the younger generations
  • constantly telling stories from their youth
  • Think they know best 

Example - Sir Malcolm - 'Penny Dreadful'

In this clip, Sir Malcolm comes across as a very stern, stubborn man who believes that he knows best and he will always know best even though Vanessa is an adult who is also experienced in certain areas. The way he speaks to her is very abrupt and sharp, almost as though he is treating her as a child, therefore belittling her and being openly rude and offensive, which is stereotypical of people of his age group. The way he stands facing away from her in a very upright position shows that he feels that he is of a higher position than her simply because he is older. This is contrasted by Vanessa as she is sat down and away from him in a more comfortable position showing that her generation, which is younger, doesn't feel the need to look 'proper' all the time the way someone of an older generation would. The use of a low camera angle when he is speaking shows that he is physically bigger which communicates that he is like a father figure to her as he believes he is wiser and doesn't even look at her when he is talking to her, the same way a father would do to a child. Even in the end of the clip where he realizes that he is wrong and Vanessa actually does know what she's talking about, he doesn't apologize or acknowledge he is beaten, but continues to speak to her in a stubborn, harsh manner and claims that they're in it together. This is stereotypical of elderly people (men in particular) as they do not like to admit they're wrong to those who are younger than themselves.

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