Sunday, 20 September 2015

Who Am I?

Who am I?


I believe that I only fit into one of these groups loosely, the group in question being the skaters. I am a snowboarder and skier, which automatically places me into a community of people who take part in the same sport and share the same lifestyle as me. Because of this, I find that my fashion/lifestyle choice is influenced by those within the same ‘skater’ community, however this is only when I take part in the sport. Outside of my sport, I am just a genuine open minded person.

What media figures inspire me?

I like to take a lot of my fashion/makeup choices from the actress Amanda Seyfried. I like the fact that she can pull off most looks and isn’t limited to a specific kind of style. We have a similar look and I feel that I reflect part of her personality as I aspire to be like her on many different levels. I love her personality and I aspire to show the amount of kindness and charisma that she does as well as taking inspiration from her style choices. I model myself on her because I feel like she has a personality and style choice that I like and that I can incorporate into my own personality. She has a certain image that I would also like to have.

Representation of myself:

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